Do you know how much CO2 your website generates?


19 September 2023

Do you know how much CO2 your website generates? Nowadays, anyone who wants to be known by the world creates a website concerned that the costs are not high, the communication is clear, the design is beautiful and it never stops working. But I think there is another aspect to take into consideration equally or more important: the carbon footprint.

A website is always stored on a server, most likely in what we call the “cloud”, which is nothing more than a collection of computers that consume a large amount of energy, either for their operation or for their cooling (yes, the electricity flowing through each microchip generates heat). So, given that all these computers that keep the “cloud” running consume a significant amount of electrical power, it is important to ask: where does most of that power come from? For the most part, it comes from energy sources that use fossil fuels, which has a negative impact on the environment.

A website produces 1.76 grams of CO2 per visit on average from the processing power required to load and deliver the page.

And since we live in the information age, it is necessary to have enough data to be able to take action. That’s why I’m going to show you two websites that can help you to improve the carbon footprint of your site:

1. Website Carbon Calculator

They are defined with the original website carbon footprint calculator. It informs you very well about the amount of kg of CO₂ produced by your site with an average of monthly views, it exemplifies the result so that the consequences of the result are understood and they have a page where they inform how the calculation works internally.

2. Carbon Neutral Website

This site gives you the option to configure the monthly visits you have on your site to give you a more detailed report. And most importantly, it gives you technical recommendations to improve the performance and consequently the carbon footprint of your website.

These are not the only services that perform this same task and there may be others that are more advanced. But the important thing is to be aware that our computing also generates a negative impact on the environment that we must take care of.

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